Monster hits  – William’s Monster

Originally based on our song “Monster Hits” this show has toured the UK and worldwide extensively. We produced all the music and sound effects as well as a cast recording.

Three Weeks: starstarstarstarstar
Stop right there! Now turn and run – don’t stop until you’ve got your mitts on a 24-carat ticket for ‘Monster Hits’. There aren’t enough superlatives to express the sheer unbelievable, amazing, wonderfully heart meltingly colourful spectacularness of this show. Bursting with boundless energy, each character is perfectly performed, with every sinew eager to move, sing, bounce and play. A sheer rarity, blessed with the gift to spread joy and turn back the ancient hands of time. I truly became a child again and will surely be smiling for days. starstarstarstar
This production is well-written full of interesting things and plenty of action we are encouraged to join in and most of the adults left singing one of the songs from the show. This show is a Monster hit with me.

The List: starstarstarstar
A fun, warm-hearted tale, filled with infectiously catchy songs

Something Else

Something Else premiered in 2002 and has been touring around the UK on and off ever since. We composed and recorded all the songs and sound effects and made the cast recording CD in our London studio.

Evening News: starstarstarstarstar
The three talented artists created a magical world of singing and dancing, which left the audience spellbound.

Snow White

Snow White debuted in 1999. After touring the UK extensively, Snow White set off on the international touring circuit moving to Broadway where it played for three weeks at the New Victory Theatre followed by a US tour.

The Herald
The musical score goes a long way to creating the sense of place, combining elements of folk with hints of the burlesque.

New York Times
Engrossing, funny, melodic and exceptionally well-acted

My Brother the Robot

My Brother the Robot premiered in 2013 and has toured the UK several times. JollyGoodTunes composed and recorded all the songs and music as well as sound design and sound effects.

Fest Magazine starstarstarstar
Good actors, good lyrics and a really good story.

The List starstarstarstar
Strong characterisation, lively performances and catchy tunes.

Twinkle Twonkle

JollyGoodTunes composed the music to this show produced in conjunction with The Royal Society.

Broadway Baby starstarstarstarstar
Twinkle Twonkle is an absolute joy to watch and is children’s theatre at its best

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

JollyGoodTunes co-wrote the music and arranged and produced the music and sound effects.

Ticketmaster audience review starstarstarstarstar
An absolute must to go and see. We sang the song for two days after….!

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